Midnight at the Oasis

Michael Jackson walked into an oasis where a Bedouin was drinking with his camel and he asks the Bedouin if he can buy the camel to finish his trip across the desert. The Bedouin told Michael that he could have the camel if he could tell him how a camel hides out in the desert. Michael said that the camel uses camouflage. Michael said that he could make a crocodile smile and a kookaburra laugh and he asked the Bedouin, “What do you call a camel with no humps?” The Bedouin gave up and Michael said, “Humphrey.” Michael said, “When I bring the camel back, where should I park it?”, and the Bedouin replied, “Put it back in the Camelot.”

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This song written by David Nichtern an American songwriter and television composer, soundtrack artist and Buddhist teacher in 1973. It was recorded by the singer Maria Muldaur for her self-titled album and it peaked at #6 on the Billboard Hot 100 and #21 in the UK Singles Chart in the spring of 1974. This song was the only commercial success for either Nichtern or Muldaur. The album peaked at #3 on The Billboard 200, and was certified gold by the RIAA on May 13, 1974. Billboard ranked ‘Midnight at the Oasis’ at #13 for 1974. It was also nominated for both Record of the Year and Song of the Year at the 17th Annual Grammy Awards, held in 1975. In Canada, the song reached #2 in the RPM magazine singles charts and #45 in the year-end chart.

The song gained fame and some notoriety at that time because of Muldaur’s…

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Walk Like an Egyptian

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Did the pharaohs walk around their pyramids raising up one of their arms holding it out in front of them, bending it at their elbow in a right angle, then bending their wrist, while holding their palm flat facing down at another right angle?  Did they place their other arm behind them and bend it the opposite way, with their forearm pointing down and their flat palm pointing behind them, so their two arms were pointing forward and backward at the same time?  Some may have held one arm horizontally at their side, with that arm bent at the elbow facing up, and the other arm horizontally at the side with this arm bent at the elbow facing down.  Real ancient Egyptians did not walk like this, although the ancient Egyptian murals depict this method of walking.  Researchers say that the Ancient Egyptians believed that their image had a direct…

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Heartbreak Hotel

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This song was written by Elvis Aaron Presley, Mae Boren Axton and Thomas R. Durden and it became Elvis Presley’s breakthrough hit.  Steel guitarist and session musician Tommy Durden read a newspaper article from the Miami Herald about a lonely man who jumped from a hotel window killing himself, and left behind a piece of paper with the haunting words, “I walk a lonely street”.  The Miami Herald ran a photo of this corpse on the front page which had been discovered with no identification with the headline, “Do You Know This Man?”  This suicide note was the unlikely inspiration behind the song as Durden felt the line in the note resonated the blues and this became Elvis Presley’s first No. 1 hit and million-selling single which was released in early 1956.

Durden brought the article to his friend and co-writing partner Mae Boren Axton. At this time she was…

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